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Troop 793

Glenelg, Maryland

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Our troop uses this website for communications, event planning, even to collect most payments for the trips that the boys/troop will go on throughout the year.

If you are joining our troop, then joining this website is the first step.  When you sign up, which is covered in more detail here, you will be allowed to choose your option to pay the initial fee for your scout.  First time scouts joining the troop are assessed a higher joining fee than the yearly renewal - this is due to new scout costs for tents and other gear, and for a gift that your scout will get from the troop when he earns his Totin' Chip. 
There are two types of memberships: Family, and Individual Adult.  Most people will get the Family membership, and when that membership is approved by the Troop leaders who administer this site, you will be able to sign in and click the Profile link in the upper left hand corner of the page.  There, under the profile options, you will see the option for "Secondary / Family Members" - click this to set up sub-accounts for your spouse, a 2nd email address that you might want to use, and for your Boy Scout. 
Create a sub-account for your Boy Scout even if he does not have his own email address.  Memberships in the forums and groups will be done using his own ID rather than his parent's or guardian's so that if he does get his own email address later, he can change it in his profile and none of the membership information at the site will have to be updated.
The Individual Adult member type is specifically for adults joining the Troop that do not have a spouse or children, such as when a boy who has turned 18 wishes to stay active in the troop.

When joining Boy Scouts, whether you are a transfer from Cub Scouts or not, a BSA Youth Application needs to be completed as well.  The youth application is included in the Quick Start Guide with Applications and Forms referenced below.  The application is a multi-part form, but it is only necessary to complete the "Local Council Copy" page - you may make copies for your own records if you wish before turning it in.

All of this information and a little more is contained within this Troop 793 New Scout Quick Start Guide with Application and Forms - right click on that link and save it to your hard drive before continuing off of this page to the new user sign-up.   Please read the information in the Quick Start Guide before requesting a new membership so that some of your questions may be answered ahead of time.


Now that you understand how the memberships are used at this site, please click here to request a membership.