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Troop 793

Glenelg, Maryland

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The rank of Eagle Scout carries special significance.  Not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service. The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained since its inception. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 5-6 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. It is awarded to Scouts who consistently perform to the best of their personal ability, exceeding expectations in each phase of growth. Below are the Scouts that completed this accomplishment in our troop; the few that make Troop 793s "Eagle's Nest".

Jefferson Freeman
March 25, 2008
 GUMC Outdoor Sanctuary Cover
Jeffrey McHale
April 20, 2008
 St. Louis Church First Sanctuary Remodel
William “Billy” Ray Taylor
July 2, 2008
 Mass Flag Collection and Retirement Ceremony
Tyler G. Cook
September 24, 2008
 Bat Boxes Construction
Michael Mascaro
 February 25, 2009  Howard County Conservancy Projects
Christopher J. Darmody
 January 21, 2010  GUMC Youth Firepit and Benches
Scott Allen Tinker
June 4, 2010
Howard County Conservancy Projects
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Andrew Pontius June 13, 2011  Built & Installed Chickadee Snag Birdhouses
Garrett Tederick 
November 29, 2011
 Planted trees to fill a field in Sykesville
Reed Stadler
December 12, 2011  Created/demonstrated plan for Respite Programs for families w/disadvantaged children.
Joseph Broderick
June 4, 2012
Pond & shore revitalization for educational use at Glenelg Country School
 Matthew Rabush
June 5, 2012  Mass Flag Retirement Ceremony and Remembrance on September 11th, 2011 
 Braden Kerwin
July 9, 2012  Restoration of 200' of wall and grounds at the Franciscan Friary Manor House
 Trevor Putman
July 30, 2012 Construction and placement of Bluebird Houses 
 Alec Gamache
September 24, 2012   Restoration and grave marker documentation at the GUMC Cemetery.
Sean P. Reidy May 7, 2013   Established a Jr. FIRST Lego League Team with Easter Seals.  
 Zachary Thomas Drake June 10, 2013    Book Drive for “Voices For Children" & Food Drive for GUMC Food Pantry 
 Christian Tanner Putman  August 12, 2013    Construction & distribution of 40 bat houses 
Holden A. Smith   August 27, 2013    Restoration of a statue & creation of a garden at the Franciscan Friary
Bradley M. Argauer   October 29, 2013 Construction & distribution of 20 Wood Duck nesting houses for MD ponds
 Patrick B. Mikulis November 5, 2013 Construction of 2 tent pads & small trail to stream on Appalachian Trail
Jacob Landon Ballard  November 12, 2013 Trail reroute & construction of a foot bridge at Seneca Creek State Park
Michael Owen   December 10, 2013  Trail rehabilitation and erosion control for the Union Dam Trail in Patapsco State Park 
Anthony Wyler  January 13, 2014  Constructed a stone marker at the AT &  Mason Dixon Line 
Jared Lanterman  January 8, 2014  Build habitats for endangered snake species 
Shawn Guindon   January 28, 2014
Created sandbox at Sara's House to benefit homeless families 
 Richard (Rick) Linkous  February 4, 2014   Construction of 2 tent pads and a new trail to them on the Appalachian Trail 
Alex Johnson    February 11, 2014  Construction of a refrigerator cabinet and table for the GUMC food pantry  
Grant Stadler  April 22, 2014  Marine (Oyster) Habitat Restoration  
Travis Lanterman  June 24, 2014  Build & replaced firepit for American Cemetery in Luxenburg 
Bobby Jordon  July 21, 2014 Deer Population Management Study
 Philip Brown July 21, 2014  Build road signs & benches for Living Farm Heritage Museum
 Ryan R. Romano July 12, 2015 Upgraded & Install new backstops at Patapsco State Park 
 Patrick T. Jeffery August 3, 2015 Construct Composting area at Folly Quarter Middle School 
 Matthew Owen October 20, 2015  Build Bridge & Rerouted  Trail at Seneca Creek State Park 
 Matthew  Jacob Poltorak October 20, 2015  Created a prayer path with engraved pray plaques at GUMC 
Austin  Gamache  October 29, 2015  Created a Rain Garden at Glenelg United Methodist Church 
 Travis R. Royce  November 24, 2015 Constructed Firewood Shed and added front entrance lights at GUMC
Alex J. Lawlor  November 24, 2015  Enlarged and restored entrance to Audrey Carrol Audubon Sanctuary 
Nick Morton  November 24, 2015  Constructed & Installed three Library book houses 
 Conner Tinker December 3, 2015  Raised funds to purchase Thrive Robot for Easter Seals 
 Tim French April 11, 2016  Collected Musical Instruments to donate to Music-4-More 
Justin Argauer  September 12, 2016  Beautification & Reforestation at Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary 
 Matt Lober  October 1, 2016 Chestnut Tree Planting at Audubon Sanctuary 
Mason Banner  January 4, 2017  Tom's Run shelter Fire Pit & Pad Area on the Appalachian Trail 
 Colin Brinster January 4, 2017  Solar System Walking Tour path & Plant signs at Alpha Ridge Park 
 Christopher Messer  February 27, 2017 Safety Signage & Equipment at the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area 
 Marshall Owen  March 8, 2017 Evergreen Tree buffer at Fred Archibald Sanctuary 
 Eric Frank  April 17, 2017 Construct 16 Bat houses for the Patapsco State Park 
 Spencer Mullinix  April 17, 2017 Construct Platform & Audio Restoration at GUMC 
 Alan Linkous June 26, 2017  Improve efficiency and safety of Rain Garden at GUMC 
 Zack Gronlund  August 7, 2017 Replacement & Repairs of the 700 ft fence at GUMC 
 Kyle Guindon  August 7, 2017 Improvements and Repairs at the Boys & Girls Club in Baltimore  
 Mitch Lawlor  March 29, 2018 Installed lawn pavers, painted walkway & crosswalk at GUMC 
 Tristan Dewey  March 29, 2018 Made blankets and assembled Bags of Hope for foster children   
 Daniel Polterak  September 26, 2018 Hammock Stands at Tom's Run on the AT 
 Ryan Argauer  September 26, 2018 Outdoor Classroom & Memorial Tree area at RHHS 
 TJ Gribble  October 23, 2018 Constructed Black Locust Log Bridge w/trail, Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary 
Dawson Battles
May 30, 2019
Constructed a Portico (porch) extension onto the rear entrance of GUMC
 Matthew Rogers
 May 30, 2019
Constructed walking path, Chincoteague Bay Field Station, Wallops Island
 Jeremy Romanik Romano  April 21, 2020 Sign/post board construction  at the Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary